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Luxury Vegas

£4,690.00 (tax incl.)


The Luxury Vegas table is technically probably the best table in Europe.
The nine foot version weighs in at a colossal 570kgs.
The frame is made from matured Italian solid wood, with cast iron support.
The frame and slate are both diamond sanded for a precise fit. The slate is one hundred percent connected to the frame.
The result is a better playing surface.
There are levelling points if required.
Three piece genuine Italian slate 30mm thickness.
The pockets are hardened rubber, not plastic, for longer life and less noise.
Comes in a scratch free formica finish.Professional American rubber cushions are used.
Mother of pearl is used for sight rails / marker points.
For commercial or home use it is built to last forever.
Silver bronze or black formica finish. Others available.
Silver formica and custom made cloth made to order at an extra cost.
The table has been used in tournaments throughout Europe both for pool and Carom.
Complete with a quality accessory pack.
Fantastic to look at and play on! Bullet proof!

Includes delivery, installation and high quality accessory pack.