General information

You may have noticed that most of the tables shown are a variation of billiard games. They are generally pool tables. Some are American style, some have English pool style pockets. We also can build bespoke games such as carom and billiards on these tables. Our American pool tables are available from size 8ft or 9ft. We can also have 7ft American tables. These are normally spots and stripe balls which are two and a quarter inch in size. English pool tables are a standard size of 7ft x 4ft. 6ft tables are also available if the space is smaller. Reds and yellow balls are normally used for this game. They are 2 inches in size. However, if you require spots and stripe balls, we can also supply these in a two-inch size.

Many of our tables are also available as dining top pool tables. They can have a 2 piece or 3-piece top that’s fits precisely on top of the pool table. This of course can be used as a table for a conference room or a dining table. Or simply to keep the table covered! We pride ourselves that these tables are not just wonderful pool tables but lovely pieces of furniture. Tops can be produced in the same colour as the pool table or in a different colour if required. Only the finest materials are used for all our products.


Most cues are 57 or 58 inches. So, when buying a pool or snooker table if you make sure you have a minimum of 4.5ft of space surrounding the table all around it. 5ft would make the space more comfortable. However, please contact us if in doubt and we can discuss sizes and room required.

Pool tables of quality

Many of our tables are bespoke built. This means we can build them to your requirements. Some of our standard pool tables can also be built snooker size if required. There are many finishes and cloth colours available. We will work to your specifications to select a table for your environment! Once you have found a table you like, please contact us, and we can make sure you purchase the table that is right for you!!


Looking for a pool table that stands out when it comes to design, durability and versatility? Choose from the fantastic range available at Luxury Pool and Leisure Ltd in the UK. We have a reputation for supplying beautiful high-quality pool tables that can be tailored to fit your space and needs, and we work with both individual homeowners looking for a pool table and commercial customers in the leisure industry too. Our trusted team has over 20 years of experience in the leisure industry, supplying a range of designer and contemporary pool tables, and we are here to help you find the one that is perfect for you!

Why not check out some of our reviews and get in touch with us to find out more. You can also check out some of our products in our online pool table catalogue.