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Pool Tables and gaming tables that are not just fantastic to look at, they are built to last”

“Ideal tables for the ideal home” 
“A luxury you can afford”

“The perfect pool table for the perfect night in” – “Luxury design for the home, office, club or bar”

Luxury Leisure is dedicated to providing its customers with only the finest equipment available. As well as being reliable and durable our fantastic products have exquisite style fit to grace any surroundings.

We specialize in pool tables and other leisure items such as snooker tables, football tables, air hockey, juke boxes, gaming tables and arcade games.

Our pool tables are all hand made, some of which can be produced for the individual created in their own style. Some of the tables are dual purpose: They can be used as a dining table or a conference table.

We can customize the cloth on the table having your own particular logo or colours of any kind. We can even produce the pool balls with your company design and artwork!

The tables are made from only the best materials, be it hardened wood, steel, or a solid formica finish.

There are decades of celebrated experience and performance to bring about the perfect product!

All of our snooker tables are hand made in this country. Send us a design and we can produce a table especially to order.

All snooker and pool tables come with very high quality cues and accessories to match the quality of the tables.

If you would like your own hand made pool or snooker cue to use on your Luxury table we can supply high quality cues and all accessories to match.

Many of our customers purchase luxury pool tables for use in their own home. However our customers come from all walks of life. We constantly supply to interior designers, many successful business people, even professional footballers. Also we supply to high class hotels, business premises, leisure centres and schools.

Wherever quality leisure equipment is required we can provide it.