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The Compact Light

£645.00 (tax incl.)

The Compact light is the perfect lighting system for a pool or snooker room and even contemporary and stylish enough for your own home or place of business.
It has specially designed cone of light which illuminates the playing area equally and enhance the look of the table.
It has a grid insertion so that players will not be dazzled by light and is totally original in its look.
It has a black lacquered metal casing with neon light tubes with a chromed plastic grid.
Original and stunning lighting system for any billiard room.
A hanging cable is included and is CE and ROHS approved.

Suitable for 7 and 8ft tables, sizes 205 x 31 x 6cm, weight 18.45kg Watt 120 Volts 220/50

Suitable for 9ft tables, sizes  247 x 31 x 6cm, weight 22.20kg  Watt 132 Volts 220/50

Suitable for 12ft tables, sizes 287 x 31 x 6cm,  weight 23.60kg Watt 188  Volts 220/50

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