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Premier Luxury Nero

£4,200.00 (tax incl.)

The Luxury Nero
The Luxury Nero table as created to be the perfect model for a dining /conference table conversion. The ideal way to entertain your guests before or after your meal or meeting.
Designed with professional standards in mind for the consummate amateur this is a table that exceeds normal aspirations.based on a beech hardwood with authentic Italian slate the table can be produced in 7 different finishes.

On beech hardwood [raw, natural, honey and chocolate] also white, black and grey satin for a luxurious finish. The finishes can also be mixed, one for the top rail the other for the legs. Professional rubbers for the cushions are used. Also the correct cloth for the game chosen. This table is available for American pool, English pool or snooker. Matching or contrasting dining / conference tops available.

Size 7ft. Playing area 180 x 90cm. External size 214 x 124cm. 1 piece slate.
Size 7.5ft. Playing area 190 x 95cm.external size 224 x 129cm. 3 piece slate.
Size 8ft. Playing area 210 x 105cm. External size 244 x 139cm. 3 piece slate.

The table comes with 4 cues, balls, triangle, chalk and cue rack.

Other details;
Bucket pockets
Dining / conference top in 2 or 3 pieces to transform your pool table.
Mother of pearl silkscreen sights on rails an extra option.
Glass top available.
Benches created to match.
Storage kit for tops an option.
Prices start from £2950.

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